Compacte growing exports to South America

Compacte continues its line of growth of exports of High Pressure Laminates Phenolic, the South American market, to countries like Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama, etc.

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Commerce on June 18, exports grew by 4.9% to April as sales rise 6.5% to 20918.3 million, the highest figure for this month in the historical series.
Exports to Latin America increased (6.6%).

According to ICEX in countries like Peru’s construction sector it has become one of the engines of the economy as a result of the accelerated pace of investments in the last five years. Peru has a very dynamic real estate market, with high growth rates and needs of public and private infrastructure are substantial, and it is expected to be continued at a rapid pace covering in the coming years. Listings investment, both private and public, in sectors such as mining, energy, tourism and urban infrastructure and transport, making it likely that the construction sector will maintain high levels of growth over the coming years.

In Colombia continued increased investment in the construction materials sector. Over the past five years the demand for materials grew 5.8% on average, mainly driven by the construction of buildings that used approximately 42% of the supply of materials and civil works that need about 32%.

A sample of the commitment that the Spanish industry of materials and equipment for construction made by Colombia, has been the collaboration of ICEX with the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Bogota, attending for the first time with an official pavilion at the fair Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño, which was held in the Colombian capital from 19 to 24 May.

All this makes us reasonably optimistic about these markets for the commercialization of our products.

In further news we will show you some of the facilities of our products in these countries.

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