Welcome to Compacte

COMPACTE is a company which distributes High Pressure Decorative Laminates, such as COMPADUR (H.P.L. Standard), COMPAFLEX (Flexible laminated) y COMPATEC (indoor and outdoor compacte.)

 The common applications for this product are ventilated facades, indoors and outdoors facings, lockers, sanitary cabins, countertops, doors, furniture, play parks, pluvial partition walls, sportive installations, house styling and decoration, fences, banisters, and gates.

We can retail both full boards, and already cut/mechanized pieces, according to our costumer’s needs.

Our product Fulfils all the European legal requirements for H.P.L laminated, according to the law EN 438. We offer a wide range of colours, shapes, designs and finishing touches to supply the highest demands of the market.